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Find Out Which Imprint Your Soul Chose To Help Guide Your Journey On Earth.

Dubbed "Galactic Astrology" by the global Lightworker community, the Starchetype System has helped over 200,000 Starseeds around the world learn how to use their cosmic gifts for good.

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It's Time To Drop The #StarseedStruggle...

...Go beyond the limitations of Astrology by discovering your Galactic Zodiac.

Your Starchetype holds a powerful NEW paradigm for understanding how to maximize your life as an awakened Starseed living on Earth in our new timeline…

…and it has nothing to do with figuring out “where” in the Galaxy your soul originated or interpreting your natal chart.

Whether you're a healer, a medium, astrologer, tarot reader, or simply an awakening person looking to better understand your energy and talents to create good for our planet, your Starchetype will help you discover what serves you, what motivates you, which relationships help unleash your mojo, and whether you’re living your life with true intention as a co-creator with the universe.

Go beyond the surface by activating your limitless soul power to harness metaphysical awareness.

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...What's Next?

All twelve potent cosmic blueprints and more are outlined in my best-selling book that reveals why you may have been met with frustration while learning how to identify and use your cosmic gifts...

...and why it's so important for you to embrace the call now to learn more about this system that will not only change your life...

...but integrate your true purpose for coming to Earth during this unprecedented time in human history.

Each Starchetype Holds Specific Gifts, Talents, And Preferences That Combine To Create The Most Effective Use Of Your Energy.

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Know Your Authority

A combination of your soul's karmic wisdom and your physical,  innate talents provide unique gifts and energy access points to help you step into the powerful BEing you came here to embody.

Discover Your Energetic Signature

Your vibe attracts your tribe...
Each Starchetype imprint has a powerful way of transmitting energy, which impacts how others feel your physical presence.

Understand Your Life's Purpose

Your Starchetype Mission Map acts as a guide to releasing all energetic blocks by highlighting which two of eight core energetic pathways you must use for your optimal function.

Look Into Your Multidimensional Mirror

Have you ever wondered if there's a version of yourself who's already out there living their #bestlife? The truth is they actually exist–and are here to help you get the things you desire most.

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About Me
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Hi, I’m Saoirse

You may know me as the creator of the Starchetype System and the author of international best-selling book, The Starchetype System: The Ultimate Guide.

I'm extremely passionate about helping people who have previously been stuck in self-imposed loops that diminish their divine power, and believe that the key to freedom can be found in becoming attuned to your higher consciousness (a nifty concept I like to call looking in the Multidimensional Mirror).

I'm no stranger to awakening my inner truth, and after suffering the sudden losses of my father and husband just one year apart, and having to cultivate a newfound level of resilience within...I could no longer deny my life purpose as an activator of sovereignty and courage for people who desire to experience their own personal freedom.

Once I discovered and started living the cosmic mission I chose for this lifetime (I'm a Clarion Starchetype, BTW!), I began to experience life through a perspective that I knew needed to be shared with anyone ready to receive the frequency of unfiltered Universal Love.

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Love For The Starchetype System

With over 10,000 books and courses sold, here's just a snippet of what Starseeds have to say about the power of knowing their Starchetype:

I asked the Universe to show me my purpose, and it lead to you. Knowing my Starchetype has changed my life!”

Sentinel Starchetype

“Nothing else has so accurately shown me how to manifest what I want in life.”

Wayshower Starchetype

"I was pleasantly surprised that such a short, simple quiz could determine my Starchetype. Then I read the book and felt like I was coming home. Thank you for this incredible work."

Voidwalker Starchetype

Let's Work Together

We're making waves in the lightworker community and changing the way people empower themselves through effective energy management.



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